AIR – Solutions for Aviation

We are providing Air –Solution for aviation like configurator for steps/ bridging steps, Universal maintenance stairs with fixed height, Universal maintenance stairs, height-adjustable, Special maintenance stairs and platforms, Helicopter docking systems and Universal refueling stairs for all aircraft

  • Aircraft Wing Docking System
  • Aircraft Tail Docking System
  • Aircraft Nosel Docking System
  • Aircraft Fuselage Docking System
  • Aircraft Engine Docking System
  • Aircraft Tail Docking System
  • Aircraft Cargo Door Access System
  • Avionics Access System
  • Crown & Cockpit Access System

It is our goal to provide our customers with an aircraft support equipment suited to the needs of your facility, and it is our policy to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. We have a unique perspective on your aviation maintenance requirements because with over decades of hands-on experience in the aviation arena, we have an exclusive understanding of your needs. We have extensive knowledge and background in aviation making us qualified specialists with vision enough to explore original solutions for your aircraft maintenance needs. All of our aircraft maintenance access platforms provide critical fall protection, ensure worker safety, and meet or exceed all standards and regulations. We are dedicated in developing the most innovative aircraft maintenance platforms through research, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of the finest materials available. All of our products may be modified or completely custom designed to suit your needs.

Configurator for steps/bridging steps

ZARGES offers you individually configurable steps and bridging steps as access, precisely adapted to your requirements.

Universal maintenance stairs with fixed height

ZARGES universal maintenance stairs with fixed heights can be used for a wide range of aircraft. Their short set-up times keep downtimes to a minimum. Easy to manoeuvre manually or by traction vehicle.

Universal maintenance stairs, height-adjustable

ZARGES maintenance stairs with adjustable heights are suitable for a wide range of aircraft maintenance tasks. They are easily adjusted using hydraulic devices and simple to move.

Special maintenance stairs and platforms

Special maintenance stairs and platforms from ZARGES are extremely variable in use. Find your solution together with our specialists.

Aircraft docking systems for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)

Docking Systems by ZARGES – nose to tail for civil and Military aircraft.

Helicopter docking systems

Modular docking systems – nose to tail for civil and military helicopters! Design and configuration depending on the customer requirements and with optimum fit to the specific contours.

Refuelling equipment

Universal refuelling stairs for all aircraft types and fast, safe and convenient refuelling at wind speeds up to 8 Beaufort. Refuelling equipment with nozzles, hoses, earthing device and coupling available as optional equipment.

Equipment and accessories

Additional maintenance equipment and accessories.