Z500 Push-up Ladder, 2-Part

Z300 Push-up Ladder, 2-Part
October 9, 2018
Z600 Push-up Ladder, 2-Part
October 9, 2018

Z500 Push-up Ladder, 2-Part

Compact dimensions for easy transport, and the inexpensive variant for reaching great heights.

External width of the lower ladder: 420 mm.
Convenient and precise rung-by-rung height adjustment in a grid of 280 mm.
Both parts of the ladder can also be used separately as single ladders.
Rungs and stiles made from extruded aluminium sections.
Plastic anti-friction insert and lift-off retainer.
Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping and at the same time provide firm seating in the stile.
The upper ladder is also fitted with end caps.

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